Arielette, is a patient soul, she has been following and guiding my willfull desires and motivations for decades now.  What I find as I reflect on my life and the choices I have made is that first, I have learned a tremendous depth of understanding through writing, reflecting and studying models that offer some explanations of what is going on in one’s psyche.  However, Arielette is not just one part of who I am, she is soul, she is connected fully to Source Energy.  She is not simply my personality, nor is she, just my body, or just my mind.  Arielette is the blueprint of all my potential.  She is there is guide me and to navigate my choices in the direction of our intention for my life.  She and I are very much the same and yet, I can make choices that lead through the mud holes, the rocky places, the desert and over mountains.  Arielette will then navigate and guide my direction toward the destination of my achieving my greatest potential.  I know there is much more for me to achieve.  I also know that the choices I have made have taken me on journeys that went round and about before arriving at the destination to achieving my potential.  This I believe is the path many of us humans take in our lives.  We really have no awareness and we are not taught the way our choices lead us toward, away or around our achievements.  But someway and in a certain time, we find our way back where we started and we know ourselves again as we vaguely knew as a hint or a glint in our childhood.   My life has been a wonderful adventure and truly I don’t regret any of it.  But having said that mainly because I feel gratitude, joy and love for all the people who shared in my experiences and for all the deep knowing I have gained from my life,  I also know that the person I am now becoming is one who is fully present and clearly visible in the now, this present moment.   I wonder what I could have already achieved, accomplished, had I been aware enough to approach my life with a plan, with greater clarity of intention and a closer connection to my soul early on in my life.   I feel truly fortunate to have had opportunities to learn knowledge, to experience the results of my actions and to explore new behaviors when I saw that some behaviors did not produce the result I truly desired.  For more that twenty years I worked to help people through therapy to trust themselves to find a path and a means to feel alive, safe and at home in their world.  Slowly I have come to trust myself, to take full responsibility for my life and to desire to share that wisdom with others.  I certainly would not want to stand in the way of anyone living out experiences that bring them an achievement that is desired.  In contrast, sometimes in life, it is truly unnecessary to always take the path less traveled.  Finding one’s own way, alone, is not always the best way to attain the desired result.  Granted though, whatever path, it must walked by one’s own initiative.  But it need not be solo, or on one’s own.  First, one person is never really alone, but we think we are and therefore, we are much more uncertain of where we are or what we are doing.  So working and playing with others is highly recommnended.  Finding a life coach who has the expertise, the experience and the capability and capacity to hold you within the direction of achieving more of your potential in a shortened amount of time is a great asset.  A coach who is able to guide you to learn the steps that allow you to elegantly and gracefully flow through life while living to the fullness your purpose and achieving more and more of your potential is like finding a mirror to your soul.  The more your soul is recognized, called forth and challenged to show you the way of its blueprint, the more you will achieve and the more you will find satisfaction in your life.  Give attention to your soul and call on a coach to guide you in listening to your soul and learning from your soul the keys to your life plan.  Learn to Play Big!  Become the person who is ready to live your dream life; the one who is fully present and clearly visible in the present moment.  There is much personal reflection necessary to resolve the unconscious blocks to success and awaken to a life of higher consciousness.  Arielette

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How do you go about solving a problem?   There are several ways that are used to define a problem.  Probably as many ways are there are ‘persons’ in any language.  ‘Person’ being as first person, I or me, us, we, our;  then, second person, as you; and then, third person, as he, she, it, they, them or their.  Do you see that problems are often defined as belonging to someone, either third person, second person and first person.  When we define a problem beginning with the second or third person, we are then defining ourself as a victim.  Now, maybe that is the case, but let’s look more closely.  If we define the problem out side of first person, me or I, then who is responsible for this problem and who can implement the solution?  If I feel that there is a problem, then I must define the problem based on what I consider the problem to be.  And I must take full responsiblity for discovering and implementing a solution.  I must decide in order to resolve the problem.  I might resort to deciding to do nothing and therefore, abide and live with the problem.  This is not really the best kind of solution, but sometimes it works to give us a new perspective to find a different definition of the problem and therefore a different and better solution.  I may also decide to try a number of obvious possible solutions to see what result I get.  This is like the ‘stab in the dark’ kind of solution.  Very often it does not solve the problem and only makes the problem more acutely painful.  Of course it could then get the other person’s attention thus generating some discussion about the problem.  But if I am not willing to own the thing that really annoys me, causes me a problem, then I will not adequately define the problem in order to discover an adequate solution.  I have learned that I can communicate only my problem to another person and ask to seek for a solution.        

Self-Reflecting as Soul Reflection                                

When we connect with our Soul and have an inner deep discussion about this problem with our Soul, we are self-reflecting, we are putting the problem into words and we are listening to our Soul reflect back.        Have your ever felt a desire to know about something, to find what someone else might be saying about a particular topic?  You might go to a library to seek out the topic, to find an answer.  Or you might go to the internet and search for your topic to find the resources available with possible answers.  In this process you are lead by your inner voice which suggests key words for your topic and the answer you seek.   Ultimately you will come up with information on your topic and then you begin to refine your search for an answer.  Always your Soul is guiding you whether you are intentionaly asking for it or not.  Your Soul is focused on the solution, not on the problem.  So your Soul is immediately seeking to guide you to the best solution.  Self-reflecting, listening to your Soul, is then asking the questions that focus on the solutions.  When we focus on discovery of the solution, after taking full responsibility for the clear definition of the problem and the certain creation of the problem, we are then open to perceiving the solution.  Our Soul is truly about our refining and redefining who we are by releasing what no longer contributes to provide us with a fulfilling life.  When we connect with our Soul, we are ready to hear solutions.  We may not like the solution we receive, but when we allow that we asked and we are willing to receive what is being given, we can let go of our resistance to receive and accept the answer and take action to implement the solution.  With our Soul, we do not really have problems, we truly are provided opportunities to let go of that which no longer serves our wellbeing.  We are available to learn, to preceive, and to know more deeply what life is truly showing us. Our Soul wants to bring us into the experience of joy, of love, health and wealth that is directly available to us, that allows us to align within and without and to accept the solutions that bring us easily into living a life of fulfillment.  With Soul we can awaken to discover new solutions to old problems, easily, moment to moment.  If you would like a FREE report, “The Seven Steps to Living a Fulfilling Life”  come to http://www.awarenessofoneness.com   May Much Love Flow Through Your Life Always,  Arielette 

Inside you very likely know exactly what you want for your life,

but can you express the description of what you want and who you want to be?

If you are not able to say clearly what you want for your life,

then read on for you are in for a surprise.

Your ability to say or write what you truly know about

your life is an active force within you.

The problem is a blockage between the knowing

that is alive within you and your ability to mentally

connect with that source of knowing.

Through practicing daily journal writing, topical focused

writing sessions with music and daily writing with focus

on my intention for completing daily tasks, I have found

that I am making a connection with the true knowingness

within my heart and soul.  A sense of truth is emerging and

I find my writing flowing with greater clarity about what I

want to express.

When I began to write about what I thought and felt inside,

I found it a great struggle. I remember the first time I wrote

out my own thought about a conclusion I came about on a topic

of interest to me. I thought at the time that it was a great revelation

to me. Some years later when I came across the saved scrap of

paper in a drawer, I remembered having written it, and as I read it,

I saw that the sentence made little sense as it was written. I realized

that I was so very frightened of saying what was really true within me.

I wonder if this is true for you.

Do you feel a great desire to express yourself and yet hold back

due to a great fear of saying what you really think, believe and feel

about what you have experienced in life?

If you are a shy, quiet person who feels inadequate about

speaking up, but you know that inside you are a dynamo

just waiting to make an appearance, then you are ready to

take a step toward a plan for making a change in your life.

You might say that you have a Genie inside just waiting to

step forward, ask you what you want and

begin granting your wishes!

That Genie is the image of the true you.

You could say also that this is your soul.

Getting to know the true you is what life is truly

all about. You can find your way into the true you

and live out of the truth of you while you continually

update the design of your life as you go forth through your life.

Your destiny is then in your responsible hands.

Your destiny is always in your hands, but until you

commit to being fully responsible for you life and the

plan of your life, your destiny is being lived out through

your reactive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This is the source of so much drama in your life.

Are you ready to change that? 

I have found my way through the maze of my story.

The results are truly amazing.  I have found a greater clarity.

My energy is high, I am able to focus for a longer period of time

and I love doing what I have set out to accomplish.

You too can find your way and connect with your soul.

 Much Love and Joy!


On the eve of Thanksgiving Day in the midst of preparation and travel to gather with loved ones a pause in the moment of now can bring renewed joy in reviewing all the wonders that we have, do and become each moment.  Gratitude expands our joy and greets filfullment in living.  While Thanksgiving Day reminds of our beginnings in America, it also nudges us awake to the many blessings and gifts of living in the USA and then also to so many joys that make living an extra delight.  No matter the circumstances of your present life, noticing the joyous blessings with gratitude increases the your life’s joyful surprises.  So as you go about the day and into the Thanksgiving Day celebrations tune-in to the still small voice with an open heart and hand, giving thank you’s to those you pass along the way and to all those whom you will pass by and greet in your tomorrows and to all the joys of your yesterdays.  Embrace all your memories with a vision of the value received and an understanding of the love that came your way.  Awaken to notice the still small voice that tugs at your heart to hear its song and beckons to your hand to reach out in greeting to those you meet along your way.  Thankfulness for all the joyof living and growing into the divine presence of your soul brings you closer and closer to living in divine love in oneness in a life of fulfillment.  Enjoy the abundance of love now!  Simply be thankful and give with joy!  Ariellette  Nov. 21, 2007

If you too are a seeker, particularly a seeker of your inner spiritual sense or if you are aware of your soul and want to share your soul experiences, either way you are welcome here to share your journeys, your discoveries, your joys and your misperceptions.   Here we are meeting in the higher vibrations of love, joy and peace, reaching for enlightenment.  Story and metaphor are delightful ways to share the wonder of life’s experiences.  In this place and this way we discover the wisdom that is truth within our being.  

A bit of a story about a young woman who desired to attain wisdom and rapped on the door of very wise crone.  The old, enwisened crone answered her plea by inviting her to come in, informing her that she would need to pay very close attention and then reminded her that wisdom can not be taught by words alone.   Come in, share your story and be open to the possibilities; you can never fully know what surprises life will deliver.  So it is.

Should you like to know more about surpises in your life, ask a question, leave a comment or share a story of wonderful surprise.  Arielette

Many individuals are seeking for a connection with a new feeling that reminds them of a familiar emotion.  Some think that finding their soul mate will be the event that reconnects them with that emotional sensation.   Finding a soul mate can be a wonderful, exciting ride and is often very like being in the amusement park and getting on the roller coaster ride.  The feelings are intense and often feel out of control.  The experience doesn’t last very long, thank you!  The ride ends and puts you off exactly where you got on.  Going around in circles can be an exercise in emotional exhaustion.  

The inner sense of that familiar feeling of intense emotional joy and well being is our connection to our birth and infancy.  This is a time when we were fully connected to our soul energy.   The early years were a period of our life that in general we have little or no conscious memory of the events in our lives.  We had no langage and only sensation to record into memory.   Over the first year we learned to talk, to walk, to coordinate hand and eye movements and remember and recognize faces, voices and other sounds.   

I do not remember, I can not be sure what I knew then, but I have often felt a sense of a very familiar emotion of assurance, joy, delight and lightness.   Sometimes I felt I was flying.  Sometimes I felt I just knew something beyond my body.  I looked forward to bed time or nap time as a child so I could return to the delightful sensations especially on going to sleep and then awakening.  As I grew and became more socialized the sensation of flying left, the excitement of those moments between sleep and awakening subsided and I began to feel more the responsiblity of being an individual, a separate person in my body.  The wonder of those childhood memories did not completely disappear and I wondered if I would ever find that sensation again. 

 The excitement of delivering a baby was the closest sensation to this experience.  My connection to my infant child at the time of birth is a cherished memory.   Realizing that the children who come through also have their own soul and their experience made me more aware of my role as a mother and caretaker of my infant children and as a spiritual being.  Now I realize that my soul was there to guide me and show the way to hear, to understand and do what was most important as a mother.

Later in my life I began to meditate and listen for my soul.  The connection with soul is a renewal of that familiar sensation.  As I consciously know that I am a strong connection through soul to the Creative, Intelligent, all powerful energy of the Universe,  I sense the connection to that vague memory of blissful joy.  I awoke one bright mornng with the name, Ariel, running through my mind; she was skipping, jumping, singing, dancing, flying and totally blissing out with the joy that I had heard her name.  The connection fills me with love, happiness and such delight that being alive is such a wonder I can sometimes only take in the deepest breath to hold the smallest bit of it.  Can you imagine knowing the name of your soul?  Could you allow yourself the courage to listen to the small tug on your sleeve, your ear, or a bit of hair that says, “Listen to your feelings, allow your self to feel without needing to redirect your attention.  Allow yourself to move with your feelings just as babies can move with strength and power to get into a position to see what they want, touch what attracts them and attract the attention and love that they need to keep on growing stronger.”  Your soul can show you the way to know who you truly are so you can live from authenticity.  And so it is for today ~ August 24, 2007.