About: Alice Hertzler

Arielette is a soul who has been on a pilgrimage for several decades in search of an understanding of the contrasts and conflicts, the meaning of highs and lows, and keys to unlock the gate from confusion and disonance into the garden of grace and love in everyday living. She is a soul who is can wade in the shallows, but prefers to dive deep to find true treasure. She is a wondering and wandering soul who is curious about everything and loves to travel and explore. She can explore a library, a book store or a grand new home as easily as a new found city, an ancient ruin or her own back yard. Her soul healing skills include the ablility to see and hear deeply into the places of detachments and attachments that are detriments to fulfillment and healthy living. She loves to dance, enjoys music, great books and healthy European food. When asked about her greatest joy she relates that meeting other souls who love living is her highest delight. Arielette is certain that the most miraculous miracle is that you are here now reading this blog. She advises simply, "Be fully alive, just now, and let your heart sing. Enjoy!"

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