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Inside you very likely know exactly what you want for your life,

but can you express the description of what you want and who you want to be?

If you are not able to say clearly what you want for your life,

then read on for you are in for a surprise.

Your ability to say or write what you truly know about

your life is an active force within you.

The problem is a blockage between the knowing

that is alive within you and your ability to mentally

connect with that source of knowing.

Through practicing daily journal writing, topical focused

writing sessions with music and daily writing with focus

on my intention for completing daily tasks, I have found

that I am making a connection with the true knowingness

within my heart and soul.  A sense of truth is emerging and

I find my writing flowing with greater clarity about what I

want to express.

When I began to write about what I thought and felt inside,

I found it a great struggle. I remember the first time I wrote

out my own thought about a conclusion I came about on a topic

of interest to me. I thought at the time that it was a great revelation

to me. Some years later when I came across the saved scrap of

paper in a drawer, I remembered having written it, and as I read it,

I saw that the sentence made little sense as it was written. I realized

that I was so very frightened of saying what was really true within me.

I wonder if this is true for you.

Do you feel a great desire to express yourself and yet hold back

due to a great fear of saying what you really think, believe and feel

about what you have experienced in life?

If you are a shy, quiet person who feels inadequate about

speaking up, but you know that inside you are a dynamo

just waiting to make an appearance, then you are ready to

take a step toward a plan for making a change in your life.

You might say that you have a Genie inside just waiting to

step forward, ask you what you want and

begin granting your wishes!

That Genie is the image of the true you.

You could say also that this is your soul.

Getting to know the true you is what life is truly

all about. You can find your way into the true you

and live out of the truth of you while you continually

update the design of your life as you go forth through your life.

Your destiny is then in your responsible hands.

Your destiny is always in your hands, but until you

commit to being fully responsible for you life and the

plan of your life, your destiny is being lived out through

your reactive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This is the source of so much drama in your life.

Are you ready to change that? 

I have found my way through the maze of my story.

The results are truly amazing.  I have found a greater clarity.

My energy is high, I am able to focus for a longer period of time

and I love doing what I have set out to accomplish.

You too can find your way and connect with your soul.

 Much Love and Joy!


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