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If you too are a seeker, particularly a seeker of your inner spiritual sense or if you are aware of your soul and want to share your soul experiences, either way you are welcome here to share your journeys, your discoveries, your joys and your misperceptions.   Here we are meeting in the higher vibrations of love, joy and peace, reaching for enlightenment.  Story and metaphor are delightful ways to share the wonder of life’s experiences.  In this place and this way we discover the wisdom that is truth within our being.  

A bit of a story about a young woman who desired to attain wisdom and rapped on the door of very wise crone.  The old, enwisened crone answered her plea by inviting her to come in, informing her that she would need to pay very close attention and then reminded her that wisdom can not be taught by words alone.   Come in, share your story and be open to the possibilities; you can never fully know what surprises life will deliver.  So it is.

Should you like to know more about surpises in your life, ask a question, leave a comment or share a story of wonderful surprise.  Arielette

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Many individuals are seeking for a connection with a new feeling that reminds them of a familiar emotion.  Some think that finding their soul mate will be the event that reconnects them with that emotional sensation.   Finding a soul mate can be a wonderful, exciting ride and is often very like being in the amusement park and getting on the roller coaster ride.  The feelings are intense and often feel out of control.  The experience doesn’t last very long, thank you!  The ride ends and puts you off exactly where you got on.  Going around in circles can be an exercise in emotional exhaustion.  

The inner sense of that familiar feeling of intense emotional joy and well being is our connection to our birth and infancy.  This is a time when we were fully connected to our soul energy.   The early years were a period of our life that in general we have little or no conscious memory of the events in our lives.  We had no langage and only sensation to record into memory.   Over the first year we learned to talk, to walk, to coordinate hand and eye movements and remember and recognize faces, voices and other sounds.   

I do not remember, I can not be sure what I knew then, but I have often felt a sense of a very familiar emotion of assurance, joy, delight and lightness.   Sometimes I felt I was flying.  Sometimes I felt I just knew something beyond my body.  I looked forward to bed time or nap time as a child so I could return to the delightful sensations especially on going to sleep and then awakening.  As I grew and became more socialized the sensation of flying left, the excitement of those moments between sleep and awakening subsided and I began to feel more the responsiblity of being an individual, a separate person in my body.  The wonder of those childhood memories did not completely disappear and I wondered if I would ever find that sensation again. 

 The excitement of delivering a baby was the closest sensation to this experience.  My connection to my infant child at the time of birth is a cherished memory.   Realizing that the children who come through also have their own soul and their experience made me more aware of my role as a mother and caretaker of my infant children and as a spiritual being.  Now I realize that my soul was there to guide me and show the way to hear, to understand and do what was most important as a mother.

Later in my life I began to meditate and listen for my soul.  The connection with soul is a renewal of that familiar sensation.  As I consciously know that I am a strong connection through soul to the Creative, Intelligent, all powerful energy of the Universe,  I sense the connection to that vague memory of blissful joy.  I awoke one bright mornng with the name, Ariel, running through my mind; she was skipping, jumping, singing, dancing, flying and totally blissing out with the joy that I had heard her name.  The connection fills me with love, happiness and such delight that being alive is such a wonder I can sometimes only take in the deepest breath to hold the smallest bit of it.  Can you imagine knowing the name of your soul?  Could you allow yourself the courage to listen to the small tug on your sleeve, your ear, or a bit of hair that says, “Listen to your feelings, allow your self to feel without needing to redirect your attention.  Allow yourself to move with your feelings just as babies can move with strength and power to get into a position to see what they want, touch what attracts them and attract the attention and love that they need to keep on growing stronger.”  Your soul can show you the way to know who you truly are so you can live from authenticity.  And so it is for today ~ August 24, 2007.

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